ELS-F100 Ultra High Precision Electron Beam Lithography System
EBL系统 Superior 100kV Lithography System
The beam current range is significantly expanded from 20pA to 100nA. The electron optics is so designed that the beam diameter remains uniform within the maximum 1mm writing field. Throughput is surprisingly improved for wide-area nanoscale patterning


Key Product Features


Ultra Fine Line Lithography

ELS-F100 produces a highly stable beam with a diameter down to 1.8nm. This allows fine pattern to be drawn with a line width of 6nm or less.

Over 40years of developing lithography systems have made it possible to realize high precision beams, long-term stability and high throughput all the same time.





Ultra High Beam Position Accuracy with Laser Interferometer Stage


The outstanding beam position resolution of 0.1nm is made possible using 20-bit DAC. A laser interferometer with an optical resolution of 0.3nm is included to achieve a stitching precision of +/-10nm and an overlay precision of +/-15nm in a 100um field.





High-throughput Ultra-fine Processing System

 The beam current range from 20pA to 100nA and the new electron optics to keep the beam diameter small at high current in addition to the improved deflection system significantly improve throughput for wide area patterning.



A Wide Variety of Lithography Software

 The application includes writing functions for graphics elements as a standard feature. In addtion, with the optional circle pattern generator, circles and arcs can be produced. Furthermore, by using the variable field size function, even WDM diffraction gratings can be produced.


Application Gallery


35 nm pitch hole pattern


After Cr lift-off





 ZrO/W thermal field emitter

Acceleration Voltage

 100 kV, 50 kV, 25 kV

Beam Diameter

 Φ1.8 nm (@100 kV)

Minimum line width

 6 nm (@100 kV)

Beam Current

 20 pA to  100 nA

Field Size

 Max. 3,000 µm x 3,000 µm
 Min. 100 µm 
x 100 µm

Beam Positioning

 Max. 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 (20bit DAC)

Beam Positioning Resolution

 0.1 nm

Maximum Specimen Size

 8" wafer or 8" square mask



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